Donald Anderson (1934-2014) was the son of the hunter and author Kenneth Anderson.
The book 'The Last White Hunter' is his biography and captures the changes in the
jungles of south India and Bangalore during his lifetime.

Don with bear Ramanagaram sepia
Don Rivaldo
Don with Maaka
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Remembering Donald Anderson

"Don was my angling buddy.
His knowledge of the jungles was fascinating, he knew everything in the forest, from the insects, to all the birds and animals. He was absolutely fearless, and loved nature and its surroundings"

Roger Binny
former Indian cricketer

"I had the pleasure and opportunity of meeting  Don Anderson twice , but the reports of his commitment to wildlife and the environment were too well known to escape me. Establishing a rapport with him was easy, because I happened to be the President of W.A.S.I.  and was interested in angling, but more because I met his father on several occasions and had read most of his books. Father and son were, above all environmentalist in the best sense of the term; preserving the ecosystem was their major objective.

     Threats to the masher continue from illegal angling, the sharp increase of crocodiles and catfish and the low levels of water especially in the months preceding the rains when water extracted from the Cauvery to quench the thirst of Bangaluru leaves small shallow pools where the fish are entrapped. These are the challenges that W.A.S.I. has to face in the future..
Thank you Don, for carrying the torch forward."

Aloysius P. Fernandez
former President - W.A.S.I (Wildlife Association of South India) & Padmashree awardee