"The book is a classic set of stories told by a man whose main claim to fame lies in being son of the great Kenneth Anderson - known world-over for his shikar lore. The stories told are based in an era that one can only look back upon with a certain sense of longing and envy. Midway through this book, you'll be hoping that the gypsies we now use to drive through our game reserves and parks become a thing of the past, so that one may revert to the traditional way of experiencing the wilds of foot. Of course that is merely wishful thinking, but such is the effect of these mesmerizing jungle tales. If shikar or wildlife remotely interests you, don't waste a second thought, and go grab your copy today!"

Indranil Datta

"This book does not idealize Donald Anderson by any stretch of the imagination but at the same time celebrates his life. Most importantly , this book is an adventure which allows the reader to explore the majestic wildlife and beauty of jungles of South India. It allows the reader to escape into an era long gone and develop an attachment to people belonging to places unknown. Overall an incredibly worthy tale masterfully told by the author."

Aditi Zacharia

"It chronicles in vivid detail what life was like from the 1940s. If you are a fan of Kenneth Anderson, a fan of wild life, a fan of days gone by , a student of history or just interested in life in Bangalore over the decades before and after independence, this is the book for you. Reading any of Kenneth Andersons books before reading this one would provide far more context but you could read this one on its own. It chronicles in vivid detail what life was like from the 1940s, the life of Anglo Indians before and after independence. If you are a Kenneth Anderson fan , this is a must read and provides a lot of details and background from the stories. Don's early life would be the same as many people from that era and would be of interest to all. The hunting story drags a bit and is not for the squeamish. However these stories are from a different era when the norms were not what they are now."

Amazon customer

"This book is a must read for people who have ever read and enjoyed Kenneth Anderson or for that matter even Jim Corbett. It chronicles the life and exploits of Donald Anderson (1934-2014) and creates a vivid picture of the jungles of southern india, Bangalore and life during and for some decades after the British Raj."

Ivan Manna

"People have known Kenneth Anderson as the Corbett of Southern India. Anderson's captivating style of story telling made the jungle and its denizens come alive. In many stories, Anderson is accompanied by his son Donald. This book is on Donald Anderson, the flamboyant "Don". This book tells all about the colorful Anderson family , many unknown facts, thrilling encounters and the life & times of Don."


"Kenneth Anderson is a legendary story teller.Since,he is long dead and gone and KA fans just stuck to reading the same stories again and again..Recently, this book with great insider snaps of KA family came out from his old and now dead son. This is the last detailing of a legendary family and, is interesting and emotional farewell for Don Anderson. For KA fans, this is it!"

Peppin Jerold

"I'm a big fan of Kenneth Anderson. Having read all his books multiple times, was interested to know more about him. This book by Joshua about Kenneth Anderson's son Don, is really special for a fan like me. I've always thought how lucky Don was, to accompany his dad to the jungles since his childhood. This book gives us the details of all the life experiences of Don, especially his jungle experiences. This book fills the void that was created after the publication of Kenneth Anderson's last book. I've heard that Don was a very reserved person and didn't want to talk to any one, so a big THANKS to Joshua for all his hard work, to get this book published!"


"It is a soul stirring anecdotal evidence of all the difficulties and hardships faced by the Andersons' to contribute to their society and yet, they remain unrecognized in the people's eyes. The book evokes feelings of being THE LAST WHITE HUNTER & makes us sympathise for the conditions Donald Anderson has been through despite having saved the lives of people from maneaters. The book is an amazing read & is presented as if it is taking place right in front of our eyes. Thanks to Joshua Mathew for this extraordinary piece of work."
Vijay Sastry

"The son is not to the mark as his father. Don and Kenneth are poles apart, except for the commonality that both were hunters. At the outset the book is not adventurous as Kenneth's used to be. Whatever strolled in the book are additions to those that are available in KA's books. However, flipping over the pages one will not fail to reminisce the transition of Bengaluru. Don, though an excellent Shikari as could be gauged from, his travails are not of adrenaline pumping jaunts. His jungle exploits were served by four legged creatures and his rapacious carnal appetite was fed by 'Delilahs'. Don's life is every bit boisterous and fun filled. Poor chap, he couldn't accommodate to changing times. Born an affluent but died of penury. Good work by Joshua Mathew. Thanks to him for bringing the life of the 'last white hunter' without any cover up, but from cover to cover an astounding and hilarious biography."

Chockalingam SP

"A Book that is one of its kind...Probably only KA fans will appreciate. I deeply regret for not having seized an opportunity to meet Donald in the flesh. Don may not have achieved what his dad did. But this book is a candid account of his life and times which he lived fullest on his own terms. Don (JM) neither extols his virtues nor sings a paean to him, but delivers an interesting mesmerizing read of the life and times gone by. Don is in his elements when he honestly brings out his thoughts on his acts of omissions and commissions, laced with subtle humour where appropriate. Growing up on a voluntary diet of the likes of Ruskin Bond, Jim Corbett and Kenneth Anderson, my joy knew no bounds on reading this book in a single stretch of about 5 hours! These books are a Collector's delight."

'It was a real pleasure to read this book! Through the words of Donald Anderson, son of the famous author, "Shikari "and slayer of quite a number of man-eating carnivora in southern India, Kenneth Anderson, Joshua Matthew tells the tale from pre- to post-colonial age of the peninsula. The reader is given not only deep insight into the private life and ways of his father Kenneth, but also about his (D.A.) own life: growing up in and around Indian wilderness and fauna that has mostly vanished into history and is lost forever. In very readable fashion Joshua Matthew, who personally knew the late Don Anderson well, tells in his writings about his upbringing in "Bangaluru", his adventures in the jungles and his contemporaries. This is completed by many original pictures and background information which altogether make this book a must-read for fans of "Shikar-Literature" and Anderson fans. We learn that Donald Anderson, who is featuring in some of K.A's books by his own writing, has shot a few maneating tigers himself, as well as many panthers (indian leopards) and lots of other big and small game in his time. The reader furthermore gets an impression how it was to grow up and spend a lifetime as an Anglo-Indian in post colonial India.'

Markus Kuhlman, Germany

"The Last White Hunter written by Joshua Mathew on the base of many personal meetings and interviews with Donald Anderson is a thrilling read for more than one reason. First, for giving close and personal insights in Indian history of the last century. Donald Anderson was born in 1934 in Bangalore. When we follow his life, we get insights in the last years of colonial times, and the big changes, that Independence brough for the so called "Anglo Indians" and the whole country. We don't get this as an abstract information but full with "flesh and blood", with a great number of personal memories, family drama and also with good humor in terms of experiences with friends, compagnons and family. Second, Donald Anderson really has stories to tell. As the son of the famous Hunter of Man-eaters, Kenneth Anderson, he himself was a big White Hunter too. 
As a whole, I recommend this book wholeheartedly for fans of his father Kenneth Anderson (of course), giving them a lot of family background. But it can be as much recommended for Donald Anderson at his own, as his biographic memoirs show, that not only his father had good stories to tell. And it is worth as a historic document too, as a kind of open door to a time, that brought big changes for the whole country and its people. Enjoy it - for more than one reason!"

Manfred Waltl, Germany

"I came across this book listed on Amazon quite by chance, while going through the list of books on wildlife. Somehow, Don Anderson resonated in my mind, and I downloaded a sample on my Kindle. I have since read the book. Joshua, if you are reading this, I would like to congratulate you on such a stupendous compilation about the man, about his life, his adventures, the little known sides to the lives of the Anglo Indians in the context of India's independence. 
I would like to thank you for the book once more, and would recommend the book heartily to anyone who knows or doesn't know about Kenneth and Don, and is in love with the flora and fauna of India."

Debesh Narayan Mishra

"Excellent read. This book takes you beyond the fascinating jungle adventures that Corbett and Kenneth Anderson write about, and gives you a rare glimpse into a way of life that has all but vanished - like the jungles and wildlife that Don was so fond of. It is truly a candid portrayal of the man - neither Don nor Josh shy away from bringing forth both sides of his personality. As a fan of Kenneth Anderson, it was fascinating for me to read about his personal life that KA doesn't discuss much in his books. Plus it is a treasure trove of amazing photographs from the life of KA and Don! Finally, this serves as a poignant reminder of how fast we can lose the amazing wildlife and natural beauty of our country if we keep up our indiscriminate ways. Compliments to the author on a book well written!"

"This book is meant for all Kenneth's fans who have devoured all his books and are eager for any scrap of further information and his family. Not only does Joshua do an extremely detailed job of chronicling the life and times of Donald Anderson but he makes it as interesting to read as any of the great Kenneth's books. To all Kenneth Anderson's fans, I may speak no more for this is the highest accolade anybody could give to this book. For those who have not read Kenneth till now, I hope you do get a chance to go thru' the wonderful treasures that Kenneth has bequeathed to us before you read Joshua's book. These treasures talk of the Indian jungles & its inhabitants like no one else can and will instantly transport you to a different world caught in a time wrap."