Kenneth Douglas Stewart Anderson (8 March 1910 – 30 August 1974)
was a Indian-born, Scottish hunter and author, who wrote about his adventures in the jungles of south India.

Although my book features his son Donald as the protagonist, I also hope to give perspective on Kenneth's life, previously unknown. A master story teller, who could bring alive the feel of an Indian jungle through his words, often unrecognized for for promoting conservation.

"Many places that once teemed with game and resounded with to their joyful and melodious voices are now realms of silence. Before this unique heritage becomes altogether a thing of the past, it is the duty of the government, and more particularly of every Indian, to put an end to the wanton slaughter that still goes on, night after night and every day of the year."

Kenneth Anderson
Call of the Man Eater, Rupa Publishing Company

- Nine Man-Eaters & One Rogue (1954)

- Man-Eaters & Jungle Killers (1957)
- The Black Panther of Sivanipalli (1959)

- Call of the Man-Eater (1961)

- This is the Jungle (1964)

- The Tiger Roars (1967)

- Tales from the Indian Jungle (1970)

- Jungle Tales for Children (1971)

- Jungles Long Ago (1976) - published posthumously

- The Fires of Passion (republished in 2015)

Kenneth Anderson
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